A four step recruitment process


Step one: your on-line application form

By filling in your form on line,

- You know that your application will arrive directly with the recruiting officer responsible for filling the position.
- Your form will be processed more quickly. You can find the application form in the Our job and placement offers field.

Step two: application form analysis

The recruitment officer studies your application, looking at your training, experience and career aims, etc. If he/she is interested in your application, you may be invited for a pre-selection interview. This interview enables us to find out more about you. The recruitment officer discusses your career plans, your motivations and your aims with you.

Step three: Individual interviews

If you pass the pre-selection interview step, you are invited to attend individual selection interviews. During these interviews, you will meet operators, responsible for assessing your technical skills, and Human Resources Department Managers responsible for determining your potential to develop within the company.

The decision process

The final decision is a joint, consensual decision made by all those involved in your recruitment. In all cases, applications not selected will be kept for eight months.

Step four: Drawing up the work contract

After step three, a work contract proposal is drawn up. If this meets your approval, you are requested to sign it.