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Morpho is a high-technology company working in various fields of electronic security. With a capacity to supply comprehensive solutions, it uses its own technologies or works in liaison with partner companies that possess the required expertise.

Candidate profile: production engineer
Candidate profile: research and development engineer

- Morpho is a recognized cryptography expert and has been using cryptography since the 1950s/60s to protect its telecommunication and transaction terminals.

- In the 1980s/90s, it branched into the two complementary fields of biometrics and smart card technology and their integrated security software.

- Biometrics, which initially incorporated fingerprint technology, in which Morpho is the world leader, has since become multibiometrics, due to expansion into fields such as facial and iris recognition.

- The company is also present in the field of road safety manufacturing radar equipment and red light running detectors. It also provides national-scale systems that can automatically process violations.

Who are we looking for ?
  • Candidate profile: production engineer
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  • Candidate profile : research and development engineer
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