Drug Interdiction

Successful narcotics investigations can hinge on speed, accuracy and exhibit integrity. Fast field-testing and rapid results prevent external testing delays and help optimize investigative productivity and outcomes.


Morpho’s detection and identification systems quickly, reliably and cost-effectively gather the narcotics evidence needed in the field.

Trace Detection
  • StreetLab® Mobile
    Breakthrough 2-in-1 Technology> See more
  • Itemiser® 3 Enhanced
    Explosives and Narcotics Detection in a Desktop System> See more
  • Hardened MobileTrace®
    Hardened MobileTrace® is built around a core of field-proven explosives and narcotics detection technologies, and (...)> See more
  • MobileTrace®
    To help keep ahead of the growing challenges of explosives and narcotics detection, MobileTrace packs the advanced (...)> See more
  • Accessories and Consumables
    W/ Canned Air W/O Canned Air ES E-Mode Kit (Initial Order) K0001093 K0001211 ES4 3 Month Kit E-Mode K0001146 (...)> See more