Morpho provides a wide range of qualified and certified technology-based solutions for detecting explosives and other threats to the traveling public for the aviation and other transportation-related industries.


Advanced technologies, including Computed Tomography, Raman Spectroscopy, trace, X-ray and X-ray Diffraction offer efficient screening solutions at passenger checkpoints, and at checked baggage and cargo screening points.

Trace Detection
  • EntryScan®
    Morpho can deliver a key component of the total checkpoint security solution with an EntryScan. A highthroughput, (...)> See more
  • Itemiser® 4DX
    Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection, Itemiser® 4DX can detect a broad (...)> See more
  • Itemiser® DX
    The Itemiser DX is the first trace detector in the world to simultaneously detect positive and negative ions. (...)> See more
  • Itemiser® 3 Enhanced
    Explosives and Narcotics Detection in a Desktop System> See more
  • Hardened MobileTrace®
    Hardened MobileTrace® is built around a core of field-proven explosives and narcotics detection technologies, and (...)> See more
  • MobileTrace®
    To help keep ahead of the growing challenges of explosives and narcotics detection, MobileTrace packs the advanced (...)> See more
  • EntryScan® SecureStation
    Optional command center allows one operator to monitor multiple systems> See more
  • Accessories and Consumables
    W/ Canned Air W/O Canned Air ES E-Mode Kit (Initial Order) K0001093 K0001211 ES4 3 Month Kit E-Mode K0001146 (...)> See more
CTX Explosives Detection
  • CTX 2500™
    Designed for size-critical airport applications, the compact and economical CTX 2500 system is half the length of (...)> See more
  • CTX 5500 DS™
    CTX 5500 DS system is the most widely used, TSA-certified EDS in the world. It is compact enough that it can be (...)> See more
  • CTX 9400 DSi™
    Designed for outstanding performance in integrated airport installations, the CTX 9400 DSi’s 1-meter wide conveyor (...)> See more
  • CTX 5800™
    The CTX 5800 represents the next generation in CT explosives detection system (EDS) technology; combining advanced (...)> See more
  • CTX 9800 DSi™
    The CTX 9800 DSi is the first TSA-certified high-throughput, high-resolution 3D EDS available on the market today. (...)> See more
  • System of systems
    Combines MDI’s certified CT and XRD technology The “System of Systems” is the combination of the CTX 9000 DSi™ (or (...)> See more
  • Clarity Data Acquisition System
    Designed to deter terrorist attacks as well as enforce drug laws, Morpho products are the ideal complement to X-ray (...)> See more
  • Options and Accessories
    The MUX network connects multiple CTX 9800, 9400 and 9000 DSi systems and multiple CTX Operator Workstations into a (...)> See more
  • Operator Testing Equipment
    This equipment enables cost-effective operator training and testing with minimal disruption of normal system (...)> See more
XRD Explosives Detection
  • XRD 3500™
    Explosives Detection System> See more
  • HRX 500™
    Screen small parcels in airports, government offices, and other business applications> See more
  • HRX 550™
    Cost-effective solution for screening small parcels> See more
  • HRX 600™
    Rapidly inspects small articles> See more
  • HRX 650™
    Maximize screening in limited space> See more
  • HRX 650 DV™
    Compact dual view X-ray screening system> See more
  • HRX 700™
    X-ray screening of large parcels and cargo> See more
  • HRX 750™
    Exceptional X-ray imaging for small articles> See more
  • HRX 950™
    Compact X-ray screening system for large parcels and cargo> See more
  • HRX 1000™
    Compact X-ray inspection system> See more
  • HRX 1000 D™
    Ergonomically designed to screen large parcels and cargo> See more
  • HRX 1500™
    Palletized cargo X-ray screening system for parcels and containers> See more
  • HRX 1800™
    Rapidly screens pallet size parcels and containers in airport and seaport cargo applications> See more
  • HRX Mobile™
    Mobile X-ray inspection system for large parcels and cargo> See more