Venue Security

Sporting, entertainment and event venues are vulnerable to catastrophic events, terrorist activity and disasters that can lead to considerable harm to people and property.


Advanced substance detection and identification products from Morpho can help identify threats and support emergency response and recovery efforts.

  • HRX 500™
    Screen small parcels in airports, government offices, and other business applications> See more
  • HRX 550™
    Cost-effective solution for screening small parcels> See more
  • HRX 600™
    Rapidly inspects small articles> See more
  • HRX 650™
    Maximize screening in limited space> See more
  • HRX 650 DV™
    Compact dual view X-ray screening system> See more
  • HRX 700™
    X-ray screening of large parcels and cargo> See more
  • HRX 750™
    Exceptional X-ray imaging for small articles> See more
  • HRX 950™
    Compact X-ray screening system for large parcels and cargo> See more
  • HRX 1000™
    Compact X-ray inspection system> See more
  • HRX 1000 D™
    Ergonomically designed to screen large parcels and cargo> See more
  • HRX 1500™
    Palletized cargo X-ray screening system for parcels and containers> See more
  • HRX 1800™
    Rapidly screens pallet size parcels and containers in airport and seaport cargo applications> See more
  • HRX Mobile™
    Mobile X-ray inspection system for large parcels and cargo> See more
Trace Detection
  • EntryScan®
    Morpho can deliver a key component of the total checkpoint security solution with an EntryScan. A highthroughput, (...)> See more
  • Itemiser® 4DX
    Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection, Itemiser® 4DX can detect a broad (...)> See more
  • Itemiser® DX
    The Itemiser DX is the first trace detector in the world to simultaneously detect positive and negative ions. (...)> See more
  • Itemiser® 3 Enhanced
    Explosives and Narcotics Detection in a Desktop System> See more
  • Hardened MobileTrace®
    Hardened MobileTrace® is built around a core of field-proven explosives and narcotics detection technologies, and (...)> See more
  • MobileTrace®
    To help keep ahead of the growing challenges of explosives and narcotics detection, MobileTrace packs the advanced (...)> See more
  • EntryScan® SecureStation
    Optional command center allows one operator to monitor multiple systems> See more
  • Accessories and Consumables
    W/ Canned Air W/O Canned Air ES E-Mode Kit (Initial Order) K0001093 K0001211 ES4 3 Month Kit E-Mode K0001146 (...)> See more