Digital ID & Smart Transactions

We are a worldwide leader in digital identity and smart transactions. We deliver trust in the digital world through smart cards, secure elements, lifecycle management solutions and strong authentication software platforms. Our technology expertise shapes markets for the payment, telecom and identity access management segments.


We provide solutions that enable its customers in the telecom industry to offer services around mobile security. Our portfolio includes all components involved in Secure Element lifecycle management and beyond; including the platforms and solutions used to manage secure customer enrollment, authentication and identification of customers or connected devices on a mobile network: M2M, NFC, LTE, OTA, mobile identity, TSM and Subscription Management.

As a leading player in the payment business, we offer financial institutions a complete and innovative portfolio of solutions ranging from classic chip card technologies, cutting-edge mobile payment and TSM services to innovative online payment security, eID and leading biometric identification and authentication solutions.

Digital ID & Smart Transactions
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