Identity & Access Management

Exponential use of the Internet, from both mobile and fixed devices, has highlighted the fundamental need to manage the digital identities of those involved in paperless transactions.


Profitable growth of these markets relies on our ability to offer systems that ensure the security of electronic transactions, but even more importantly on the identification and authentication of the individuals taking part in these transactions.

In reality, the number of attacks (key logging, phishing, pharming, man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser) and cases of fraud (identity theft, “cardholder not present” (CNP), etc.) is growing – and undermining the development of this ecosystem of online services.

Protection alone is not enough – users need to be reassured.

The ypsID range (Your Personal Secure ID) is designed to fully exploit the know-how of the Morpho group, particularly our expertise in cryptographic components and biometric systems, but also our experience in implementing major programs on behalf of our key clients, including governments, banks and telecom operators.

Identity & Access Management
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