Morpho - Delivering mobile security solutions


Morpho believes that delivering trust relies on 3 Key Principles - Secure Enrolment, Strong Secure Element, and Strong Authentication - and that they are the same in both the “Physical” and the “Digital” worlds. Our extensive telecom and security expertise allows us to offer new efficient solutions for the whole mobile communications ecosystem.

Our portfolio includes:

Secure Enrolment – our secure biometric MorphoTablet™ helps ensure MNOs can meet increasing regulatory demands for verifying the identify of their customers, and delivering eKYC

Secure Elements – all form factors, from classical SIM cards to MFF2, eSE & TEE, and technologies including CDMA, LTE, NFC

  • M2M Secure Elements – Enhanced performance for extreme situations
  • NFC Secure Elements - Experience fast, secure & seamless transactions
  • Tools, Packaging & Fulfilment

Strong Authentication

  • Lifecycle Management: Trusted Service Management (TSM), Subscription Management, Device Management & OTA services that enable you to remotely and securely manage all aspects of your Secure Elements
  • Mobile Identity: Mobile Connect, derived identity, mobile health and more
  • Secure Mobile Transactions: NFC cards, mobile wallets, PoS and TSM
  • Internet of Things: M2M secure elements, SM, QoS for network and device
  • Additional Solutions –mobile marketing, dynamic STK, LBS, and other solutions to enhance your mobile offer
Morpho - Delivering mobile security solutions
  • Secure Mobile Transactions
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  • Internet of Things
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  • Mobile ID and Customer Enrolment
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  • Secure Elements
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  • Advanced Solutions
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