Convenience and speed for secure transit payments

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Contactless smart cards are becoming more important in mass transit programs and have rapidly gained favor with financial payment card issuers and associations. Such cards provide an efficient and convenient substitute for cash, reducing transaction time, increasing security, minimizing fraud, and reducing handling costs for transit operators.

Thanks to contactless technology the average payment transaction time is reduced significantly and the access control is faster and more convenient when compared with cash. Thus, transit payments can be made quickly with less time standing and waiting in line. Contactless fare payment implementations also lower operating costs, due to increased reader reliability and longer card lives. Consequently, established partnerships between transit and financial industries designed to offer a new, common payment mechanism for transit customers can leverage the investment in the smart card infrastructure and create a competitive advantage for all parties. Thus, contactless smart cards are an excellent solution for convergent transit payment applications.

Morpho’s transport product range allows users, companies and local authority employees to connect, identify and authenticate themselves quickly and easily by using just one card.

Key advantages of contactless transit payments

  • FASTER PAYMENTS: reducing transaction time – just tapping a card without fumbling with bills and coins
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY AND REDUCED COST: increased throughput by decreasing checkout times, reducing costs of cash handling and processing
  • IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: simplifying purchases and access control, enhancing customer convenience
  • MORE SECURITY: providing a payment device with strong security features and reducing fraud
  • ADDITIONAL REVENUE: contactless payment converts cash payments into card payments – opportunity for additional revenue through interchange fees
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