Trusted Service Management (TSM)


Secure remote personalization and management of Secure Elements at anytime, anywhere is commonly known as Trusted Service Management (TSM).
Trusted Service Management is a neutral party acting as a service aggregator and orchestrator in the deployment of mobile services, linking projects between issuers (e.g. mobile network operators, banks, OTT), service providers (retail, airlines, promotion / loyalty programs, transportation) and technical third parties (wallet providers, ticketing systems, etc).
TSM assures service providers a complete secured channel while they provide their service to customer’s mobile devices, with or without the MNO’s infrastructure.
TSM can be a dedicated platform for banking applications and payment services, complying with international payment security standards. It can also be a specific platform focusing on transportation, commerce and loyalty, access control and facility security. It guarantees the safety of services and accompanies the end-user throughout the application process. TSM provides lifecycle management by blocking SIM cards in case of loss, robbery or change of service. Provisioning is just the first step.

Trusted Service Management (TSM)
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