Mobile terminals

Safran Identity & Security mobile readers provide additional control as required at a facility entrance gate and within a facility's premises (e.g. check staff identity within an airport secure areas).

They are particularly useful in any infrastructure not equipped with automated controls.

Our devices can also be used to take the time clock to the workforce, for instance on a company shuttle bus.

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MorphoTablet is a secure multifunction biometric tablet for the delivery of trusted services and 2014 winner of both the ID Award and the SESAME IT Security award.

MorphoTablet: Secure Biometric Tablet for Trusted Services


Using biometrics (fingerprint & facial recognition) and cryptographic functions, MorphoTablet guarantees secure mobile data operations, including mobile ID controls as required at a facility entrance gate and within a facility's premises.

MorphoTablet delivers a unique combination of capabilities in one solution.

  • Strong authentication: fingerprint and face recognition ("What I am"), smartcards ("What I have") and passwords ("What I know")
  • Encryption functions: embedded crypto-processor protects sensitive data, file system, communication channels
  • SAM card reader: secondary secure element acts as "integrated safe" for digital certificates, cryptographic keys
  • Secure device management: fully compatible with Android antivirus and Fleet Management solutions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3G or Wi-Fi enables immediate data exchange, live online verification.
  • Android SDK enables customized, simple, easy to use GUI and application workflow

MorphoTablet supports Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to validate identity for any type of registration and identity verification.


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