Register remotely

With MorphoTablet, banks, mobile network operators and any other providers who need to swiftly and securely register customer data, have a touch-sensitive device, which includes security of biometrics (fingerprint and face) and cryptographic functions.

Secure Biometric Tablet for Trusted Services

MorphoTablet ensures that service providers can meet evolving customer registration regulations, whilst also offering them an open-ended range of innovative services and integration into their own systems, thanks to the Morpho software development kit.

Register on the field - MorphoTablet
MorphoTablet: swift and secure customer data registration

Features at a Glance

  • Android-based tablet with incorporated FBI PIV IQS and STQC certified optical fingerprint sensor
  • Tamper-proof hardware, cryptographic functions and secure device management
  • Integrated NFC and contact/contactless smartcard readers
  • Cellular (Voice & Data), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication
  • Ready to host customer specific developments or pre-loaded with Morpho proprietary applications