Computed Tomography (CT)

A leading supplier of advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Systems - Morpho develops advanced computed tomography (CT) systems to screen checked baggage for explosives and other threats. Certified by the U.S. Transport Security Administration, our CT-based explosives detection systems improve security and optimize passenger flows at the busiest airports in around the world.

Detecting more threats at airports worldwide

computed_tomography_copie.jpg With more than 2,000 units deployed around the world, Morpho is the world's leading supplier of explosives detection systems (EDS) using computed tomography imaging. Our systems help protect people and property at airports and air cargo transportation facilities.

Built on X-ray technology, CT produces composite 3D images by combining radiographic cross-sections of bag contents to detect threats based on volume and density. One of our most advanced baggage screening solutions, CT imaging provides superior detection and offers airport staff a more detailed view of targeted bag contents. This enables staff to enhance security and improve the passenger experience by cutting down on manual bag inspections.


Building trust in Brussels

Becoming Morpho's first European customer for the CTX 5500™ computed tomography system in 1998, Brussels airport has continued to place its confidence in our expertise, upgrading its baggage handling system to our CTX 5800™ line in 2011.

With high-resolution imaging and a user-friendly interface, these systems improve passenger security by detecting new threats, while optimizing operational costs by guaranteeing a more efficient screening process. In the words of Wilfried Covent, Head of Security at Brussels Airport, "The safety of the traveling public is our number one priority."

Improving operational efficiency at the airport

CTX 9800 DSi™ in use at La Guardia airport, New-York.Our CT-based EDS make checked baggage screening processes more efficient, while helping airports adapt to new threats and optimize their security budgets. With models adapted to airports of all sizes, our systems help operators drive down operational costs for security screening infrastructure.

In addition, with systems capable of processing up to 1,000 bags per hour (BPH), our CTX systems facilitate the work of security staff and reduce wait times for passengers. All this can add up to a powerful customer service improvement both for tenant airlines and their passengers.

A partner for innovation

Rendre le voyage et les frontières plus sûres et plus fluidesAs a long-time partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we play an active role in various work groups to promote innovative security solutions that protect people and goods, while improving the passenger experience. In addition, we continually research and develop new technologies at our Computed Tomography Center of Excellence, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley innovation hub.

Widely used across the United States, European Union, China, and Japan, our CTX systems are certified by TSA and many other international regulatory organizations.