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Morpho has operated in the UK since 1968. It offers its expertise in the field of detection, digital identification, identification management, digital security and smart transactions.

Morpho in the UK takes care of aviation security for checkpoint and hold baggage screening for explosives, customs and border force drug trace detection, drug detection applications for the Police within for example the night-time economy (pubs and clubs), cash testing, drug testing and identification. Morpho has solutions for drug and explosive detection in prisons and is an expert in the protection of facilities such as event venues, official buildings, corporate HQs, military bases and nuclear power stations. Morpho was the first to adopt the ECAC standard 3 explosive detection requirements for Europe. In 2012, over 350 Morpho trace detection systems were deployed to assist with the security of the London Olympics.

In the field of security solutions, a key project is the IABS system, which is providing biometric identification technology for a mission-critical system used by the UK Border Agency.

The UK payment and telecom market is shaped by Morpho with innovative solutions for digital security and smart transactions. Morpho supplies the two largest UK mobile network operators in the UK and over 20 of the MVNOs. Morpho's mobile technology expertise ranges from SIM security to enabling contactless payment from the mobile device. Morpho technology ranks #2 for the provision of contactless payment cards in the UK. The company has integrated biometrics (fingerprint match on card) to support the next generation of payment card security.

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