CTX9800 DSi

Optimizing security with automated explosives detection - Built on Morpho’s advanced Computed Tomography (CT) technology, the CTX 9800 DSi combines automated explosives detection with high-resolution imaging to provide airport security staff with a reliable and efficient system for screening checked baggage.

Automated detection for targeted baggage screening

Morpho CTX 9800

Using Computed Tomography (CT) to analyze the density of objects contained in checked baggage, our CTX 9800 DSi system automatically identifies potential threats and flags suspicious baggage for further screening. With more than 2,000 units deployed worldwide, our system enables security staff around the world to focus their efforts on targeted threats.

Delivering extremely precise detection, the CTX 9800 DSi significantly lowers false alarm rates to reduce the need for costly and time-consuming secondary screening. As secondary screening also requires more security equipment, our system helps airports optimize their security efforts and budgets. 

Boosting efficiency by improving image clarity

Built on X-ray technology, Morpho's advanced CT systems generate composite 3D images to provide a closer look at targeted objects identified by the automated explosives detection system. Combining high resolution and enhanced contrast, the CTX 9800 DSi enables airport security staff to efficiently screen flagged baggage items and identify legitimate threats.

As wires and detonators are easy to conceal, security staff always need better quality images. Backed by Morpho's robust research and development efforts, the CTX 9800 DSi is continuously upgraded to improve image clarity and enhance airport security.  

Larger baggage opening for increased throughput

CTX production in Newark

We designed the CTX 9800 DSi with an aperture of 1 meter, the largest industry standard. Adapted to baggage of every size, the CTX 9800 DSi delivers the following benefits: 

  • bags do do not need to be rotated to fit into the opening, 
  • fewer bag jams helps to streamline screening procedures. 

Optimizing the work of airport security staff, the CTX 9800 DSi offers double the throughput of the CTX 5800™ system, processing up to 1,000 bags per hour.  


Updating algorithms to adapt to new threats

Morpho continually invests in research and development efforts to improve its technology. We regularly update the mechanical and electronic design of the CTX 9800 DSi to offer more precise and reliable detection, which notably helps to reduce the impact of distortion in rugged environments like airports. 

Not only do we offer training and maintenance services, our teams also work to continuously upgrade our detection algorithms in order to keep pace with the latest threats. As terrorists develop homemade explosives (HMEs) with unpredictable compositions, security staff need smarter detection methods to identify dangerous substances without generating false alarms.