Itemiser 4DX

Improving security with efficient trace detection - The Itemiser® 4DX narcotics and explosives trace detection system meets today’s toughest security challenges in law enforcement and security at airports and critical infrastructure. Combining Morpho’s patented Ion Trap Molecular Spectrometry (ITMS™) technology with its advanced detection algorithms, this innovative system offers sensitive detection and low false alarm rates for optimized security.

Sensitive dual-mode trace detection

Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection, Itemiser® 4DX can detect a broad range of current market threat explosives and narcotics without the use of a radioactive source, thereby eliminating certification, licensing, inspection, testing and transportation costs and challenges.

The portable, ergonomic desktop unit features automated internal calibration to help decrease consumables cost, optimize ongoing equipment operation and increase detection accuracy.

Built on Morpho's innovative Ion Trap Molecular Spectrometry (ITMS™) technology, the Itemiser® 4DX analyzes the molecular composition of samples taken from targeted surfaces to detect explosives or narcotics traces. Offering highly sensitive detection, the Itemiser® 4DX reliably identifies traces even after surfaces have been cleaned, guaranteeing a high level of security. 
Used by law enforcement and security staff at airports, air cargo screening areas, and critical infrastructure around the world, the Itemiser® 4DX delivers simultaneous dual-mode trace detection. This eliminates the need for multiple systems, as the same device can identify both explosives and narcotics traces on skin, clothing, parcels, baggage, and cargo.


High precision for optimized security procedures

Cutting analysis time to 8 seconds, the Itemiser® 4DX enables security agents to save time and effort, while accelerating the screening process for passengers and staff. Delivering superior precision, the Itemiser® 4DX also reduces the rate of false alarms, enabling security staff and law enforcement to optimize their resources. 

In addition, we work continuously to advance the technology behind the Itemiser® 4DX system. Our research and development teams regularly develop advanced detection algorithms to respond to new security challenges like homemade explosives (HMEs), which are harder to detect than standard explosives due to their unpredictable composition.   

Improving compliance by eliminating radiation

Itemiser 4DX

Many trace detection systems require a source of radiation to analyze samples. This can make it difficult to obtain the necessary approvals, notably in Europe, where regulations strictly limit the use of radiation-based systems. 

To overcome this challenge, the Itemiser® 4DX uses a UV lamp in place of a radioactive source, bypassing the need for additional safety approval. As a result, our system is widely used in major markets like the United States, Europe, China, Russia, and Israel.  

Optimal functionality and continuous support

Itemiser® 4DX is a lightweight, portable system enabling fast and reliable trace detection in the field. Its extended battery life facilitates mobile use by eliminating the need to shut down and start up the device while on the go. In addition, it uses internal calibration to optimize consumables. 

We also offer a range of associated services to help our customers get the most out of their Itemiser® 4DX systems: our training service instructs security staff on the optimal use of the device, while our maintenance support keeps systems up-to-date over the long term.