ITMS (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry)

Patented ITMS technology for advanced trace detection - Morpho is a top supplier of explosives and narcotics detection systems. Developed through its continuous innovation efforts, Morpho’s patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry (ITMS™) technology provides fast, accurate, and reliable screening to enhance security for airports, air passengers, air cargo, borders, critical infrastructure, and secure sites.

Delivering high-tech and reliable detection systems

itms.jpgAs security threats evolve, the arsenal of explosive substances used by terrorist and other groups has expanded beyond the range of detection offered by traditional instruments. In response, Morpho's patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry (ITMS™) technology offers enhanced sensitivity to deliver superior explosives and narcotics trace detection.

Used in handheld and desktop explosives trace detectors (ETD), ITMS™ technology can close security loopholes by analyzing the molecular content of samples swabbed from skin, clothing, parcels, bags, cargo, vehicles, and other surfaces to detect traces of explosives and narcotics. Faster, more accurate, and more reliable than traditional ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), our ITMS™ systems make security screenings more productive and efficient by ensuring an extremely low false alarm rate.

Rugged technology adapted to a range of applications

Once possible only in laboratories or clean rooms, ITMS™ technology enables sophisticated and accurate detection in real time and where real threats exist: perfect for applications such as checkpoint security and screening personnel, packages, baggage, vehicles, mail, and cargo.

Lightweight, portable systems built on ITMS™ technology have been deployed by the U.K. Border Force and at airport checkpoints, checked baggage and air cargo screening facilities, critical infrastructure, and secure locations around the world. ITMS™ technology has also helped develop shoe-scanning prototypes that may eliminate the need to remove shoes during security screening.


Key benefits of ITMS™ detection systems

Compared with other explosives detection systems, ITMS™ technology provides enhanced: 

  • Sensitivity: ITMS™ can detect extremely low levels of target explosives or narcotics
  • Selectivity: ITMS™ distinguishes between compounds to correctly identify specific explosives or narcotics in a sample
  • Range of compounds: ITMS™ can detect a wide range of explosives at the same time and from the same sample

Reliability/Maintenance: ITMS™ features a semi-permeable membrane that excludes dust and dirt for increased reliability in harsh field conditions and easy maintenance

Certified systems developed through cutting-edge research

Andover facilityA leading example of Morpho's strong commitment to innovation, our ITMS™ technology is developed at our dedicated Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry Trace Explosives and Narcotics Detection Center of Excellence based in Andover, Massachusetts. Currently certified by six global regulatory agencies, our ITMS™ systems are approved for use at airports in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Israel.

In the United States, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) recently applied new air cargo rules requiring airlines to use TSA-approved detection systems. Powered by Morpho's patented ITMS™ technology, our Itemiser® detection systems provide airlines with the guarantee that their air cargo screening procedures comply with regulations without limiting their cargo flows.