Accurate and automatic ID checks in seconds

Document Authentication is a crucial part of access to our rights as citizens to travel, services and entitlements. The proof of identity protects our borders, civil rights and fights against identity theft.

The Document Authentication solution is a combined hardware and software product that automatically authenticates a wide range of documents, including passports, visas, immigration cards, driver's licenses from countries around the world, using a patented process of scanning, image processing and data analysis. Our solution enables users to perform security checks in just seconds – accurately and automatically.

Data from the document is quickly and easily extractable for document to pre-populate forms. Image and data extraction and archiving parameters can be easily set to meet internal compliance and meet international and country-by-country data protection legislation.

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Automatically authenticates a wide range of identity documents.


B5000B5000 automatically authenticates documents that are used as proof of a person's identity.

This full page document reader captures images using visible, coaxial, infrared and ultraviolet light sources to perform multiple security checks, ensuring the ID being presented is valid.

As a combined hardware and software solution, the B5000:

  • Reads & authenticates thousands of international travel and identity documents in only a few seconds
  • DocumetricsTM – One of the world's most comprehensive document authentication databases – authenticates covert & overt security features helping identify forgeries
  • It is an ‘expert in a box' – easy to use, minimal operator training required
  • Simple set-ups to meet country-specific privacy and data protection laws
  • Suitable for desktops, booths and  kiosks

The B5000 can be deployed in a variety of situations such as border control, police identity checks, court attendance, healthcare and welfare program enrolment, opening a telecommunications account or as the first stage of Anti Money Laundering – Know Your Customer when registering banking/financial service customers.


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