ECAC Standard 3 approved and TSA-certified CTX explosives detection

Our CTX 5800 and CTX 9800 DSi explosive detection systems are built on advanced Computed Tomography (CT), are certified by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and meet European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3.

With more than 2,000 CTX EDS units across the globe, we're a world leading manufacturer of automated EDS for luggage screening.

CTX EDS units
Deployed Worldwide

CTX 5800 EDS

Morpho's CTX 5800 is a state-of-the-art Explosives Detection System (EDS) that combines advanced high-definition 3D imaging (HD3D) baggage screening with a compact footprint to meet the security needs of the airports of today and tomorrow.

Morpho CTX 5800: Explosives Detection System


The CTX 5800 represents the next generation in CT explosives detection system (EDS) technology; combining advanced high-definition 3-D imaging (HD3-D) baggage screening and a compact footprint to fill a variety of security applications.

The CTX 5800 uses innovative Data Acquisition System (DAS), to generate HD3D images that deliver images of baggage contents down to the smallest details and precise algorithmic calculations, providing an increased ability to identify threats, reduce false alarm rates and lower operational costs.

The Morpho CTX 5800‘s reduced footprint and high throughput of over 400 bags per hour allows it to be operated with ease in most lobbies and relatively confined spaces. This means airports, government buildings and other sensitive sites can take advantage of the enhanced security provided by CT-based explosives detection without having to allocate additional - and often precious - space.

Its efficient user interface helps operators maximize the value, detail and threat separation of Clarity's images. Advanced navigation tools to thoroughly visually explore bag contents  enhance analysis of details and specific structures of suspected threats to maximize information available to help make efficient and effective security decisions.

The CTX 5800 enables remote screening through MUXv2 multiplexing software and hardware, which networks the CTX 5800 to the User and Control Interfaces. It can also seamlessly multiplex high-resolution 3D and 2D bag images from both CTX 5800s and CTX 9x00s to dramatically improve the EDS network's availability, scalability and operational savings.

The CTX 5800 can fully integrate with airports' Baggage Handling System (BHS), and dynamic screening allows it to change inspection mode automatically on a bag-by-bag basis as directed by the BHS, as well as increase throughput and decrease screen time without having to use additional handheld devices to screen baggage.

Despite its compact size, simple extensions allow the CTX 5800 to handle virtually any luggage item, from oversized suitcases and skis to golf bags and surfboards. Its standard configuration can accept luggage up to 2.4m long and the unit can be configured to handle even larger bags.

Each CTX 5800 can be customized to meet the unique operational requirements of each facility.

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