Screen goods by X-Ray

High resolution X-ray (HRX) screening devices offer cost efficient X-ray screening solutions for small, medium, large and pallet-size parcels and containers in a wide array of security environments.

The HRX series combines simplicity of operation with state-of-the-art image clarity and resolution.

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HRX 600

Rapidly inspects small articles

HRX 600

HRX 600

Compact X-ray Inspection System

Morpho's HRX 600™ X-ray scanner is a cost effective solution ideal for screening small parcels in airports, government offices, and other business applications. The tunnel size of 60 cm (23.6 in) wide by 40 cm (15.7 in) high maximizes the effective screening region, and facilitates the production of exceptional images while rapidly inspecting small articles.

PC-Based System for User Flexibility

The HRX 600 runs on Windows® XP Professional, utilizing the central structure, reduced hardware costs, minimal interfaces, easy upgrade paths, full integration and high reliability of a PC-based system.

Robust Network Design

The HRX 600 is equipped with high-speed Ethernet TCP/IP data communication capability. Images from any HRX model can be sent securely through the network to a central server where they can be viewed, stored, and printed. The HRX 600 is also designed to network with other inspection systems to maximize a comprehensive checkpoint solution.

Standard Features

  • Automated image archiving—up to 50,000 images
  • User-friendly image review—up to last 100 images
  • System Health, advanced continuous diagnostics
  • High penetration function
  • Density alert
  • Edge-enhancement imaging
  • Baggage counter
  • Color and black/white imaging
  • Bi-directional conveyor movement
  • Geometric image distortion correction
  • Horizontal and vertical imaging
  • Image annotation
  • Manual archiving of images in bitmap format
  • Organic and inorganic imaging
  • Clarify feature for improved resolution and penetration
  • Print image function
  • Programmable contrast levels
  • Pseudocolor and reverse monochrome
  • Real-time image manipulation
  • Single high-resolution 19 in. (48.26 cm) LCD color monitor
  • User-defined access to image archive
  • 2X to 32X User-selectable zoom
  • Z-number measurement
  • Six color imaging
  • Nine zone zoom

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