Optical scanners

Our optical sensors are based on an unrivalled experience in the fields of electro-optics, forensic quality processing algorithms and anti-fraud expertise.

Their performances have been certified at the highest levels by internationally-recognized organisms (FBI, Indian STQC, BSI).

TouchPrint 5300

Livescan including tenprints, palms, rolls, and writers' edges for law enforcement.

TP 5300: advanced technology on a single platen

TouchPrint 5300

Law enforcement legislation and sex offender registration policies require the capture of all types of images with a livescan device, including tenprints, palms, rolls, and writers' edges. The TouchPrint 5300 livescan appliance captures all types of high quality images using an innovative, single platen. Safran Identity & Security fingerprinting solutions exceed FBI standard requirements. The detailed print images are scanned at either 500 ppi or 1000 ppi, using advanced imaging power and anti-smearing and anti-smudging technologies. Based on Safran Identity & Security's world-leading biometric technology, more than 1 500 TouchPrint 5300 devices have been deployed and are being used by police officers every day.
In addition, our portfolio also features a full range of cabinets integrating the TouchPrint 5300.

Superior print capture and image quality

Image quality is critical for livescan systems. Poor quality prints cannot be used to correctly identify or verify a subject on the first AFIS submission, resulting in higher rejection rates and lengthy processing times.

Our patented optics ignore moisture, dirt and latent prints left behind on the platen, making it easier to capture high quality images consistently, regardless of the challenges faced, such as dry or sweaty fingers or a dirty platen. "Best in class" in image capture quality, rather than "good enough," is the choice to make in deciding which livescan to use in accurately identifying people.
The image clarity of the TouchPrint 5300 prevents image artifacts and captures important friction ridge detail. The TouchPrint 5300 boasts high dynamic range sensor results in maximum contrast and gray scales, bringing out the minutiae and pore detail in the fingerprint and hand print images with virtually no distortion, which makes the image ideal for latent print comparison.

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