Witness interview

The Morpho Face Detective workstation allows investigators to perform biometric facial searches and non-biometric demographic searches.

The results can then be used to create lineups and mug books for witness viewings. An intuitive interface means very little training is required to use the web-based software for complex tasks.

Morpho Face Detective

A web-based application for mugshot searches and lineups

Morpho Face Detective

Interview witnesses

Three types of investigative searches can be processed by Morpho Face Detective:

  • Identifying someone's face from an image
  • A demographics-only search without an image
  • Only mug book search, typically used for witness interviews

These searches can be complemented with an array of pre-set and user-defined filters (such as gender, hair and eye color etc.) to narrow down results for more precision. Morpho Face Detective also creates lineups and mug books for witnesses to view.

  • Lineups can be directly generated from the investigative search results
  • Additional suspect mug shots are provided on the fly by the operator
  • By default, pictures of suspects are shown with a sequential double-blind approach to maximize accuracy
  • The lineup can then either be saved and printed for future use, or shown on screen directly to the witness
  • In the case of the latter, statistics such as time spent on each image are gathered by the software for later analysis by the investigator

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