Mobile ID systems to facilitate police work in the field

Today's police forces need access to mobile and connected biometric ID systems that are scalable and cost-effective.

Safran Identity & Security develops specialized mobile devices and solutions for smartphones and tablets so police departments can quickly and reliably identify individuals in any context.

From enrolling and identifying individuals, to verifying identities and investigating crime scenes, Safran Identity & Security equips law enforcement agencies around the world with the right mobile tools for dependable field identification from multiple biometric sources.

Built on our leading technology and connected to central biometric databases, our handheld devices, like MorphoIDent, enable police officers to verify identities and perform background checks no matter where they are, so they can do more while on the move. We also develop specialized applications compatible with officers' existing smartphones and tablets, meaning police departments can take advantage of mobile ID solutions without exceeding their budgets.

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