Semi-automated solutions

As not all passengers are eligible for automatic control (families traveling with children, foreigners without a passport that is compatible with the local system, etc.), Safran Identity & Security also equips manual control stations (booths).

Safran Identity & Security integrates special tools into manual control booths to check biometric passports and visas. They are used to compare document data with a national (AFIS) or European (BMS) database.

These tools can be fingerprint sensors, such as MorphoWave Desktop and the MorphoSmart range, facial recognition or iris recognition sensors and interfaces used to run database check requests.

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MorphoCheck is a portable terminal used to check the identity of an individual using their identity documents and biometric data.

MorphoCheck: The Portable E-Document Checker


By comparing the fingerprint of the document holder (boarding card, ID card or passport) with the fingerprint in the document, MorphoCheck enables an individual's identity to be checked quickly and reliably.

MorphoCheck can authenticate all types of identity documents quickly and easily.



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