Radiation Sources Detection

Powerful technology for locating & identifying the source of radioactive emissions - To respond to the threat of nuclear terrorism, national and international authorities need accurate and reliable tools for detecting and identifying sources of radiation. Morpho has developed an ultra-portable handheld radioisotope identification devices (RIID) enabling military, border security, and first responders to quickly identify and analyze nuclear threats in the field.

Accurate and reliable detection in three dimensions


Morpho has developed an extremely accurate and reliable RIID based on unique Cadmium Zinc Telluride technology. By substantially reducing false alarms, Morpho's RIID helps military, border officers, customs agents, and first responders rapidly identify legitimate threats during screening operations, while streamlining traffic flow at ports and border crossings.
Morpho is preparing to release SourceID, the first commercially available RIID to deliver 3D directional data in real time. Using its graphic display, personnel can quickly locate specific materials emitting radiation, even in challenging environments.  


Advanced technology to reduce false alarms

Morpho has developed innovative radiation detection technology based on Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT), which offers much more precise detection than current sodium iodide (NaI) or lanthanum bromide (LaBr) detectors. 

This is a crucial advantage since most detection takes place in environments like ports, where many natural sources of radiation are present. By distinguishing threats from harmless sources of radiation like clay, cat litter, and bananas, Morpho's RIID help keep false alarms to a minimum. 

Lightweight and rugged for ultra-portable use in the field


Weighing less than 1 kilogram, Morpho produces some of the most compact and lightweight RIIDs available. Fitting easily into a belt holster and offering a battery life of up to 4 hours, our detectors guarantee complete mobility for use anywhere. 

Rugged enough to withstand harsh environments and rough handling, SourceID will provide reliable radiation detection in every situation. Meeting ANSI shock, vibration, and impact standards, the device will function at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

Intuitive design and adapted training

Morpho actively sought customer input to improve the usability of its RIID. For example, SourceID will feature an intuitive display and four-button design that users can easily operate with one hand. It will also include an automated "Tripwire" mode, triggering advanced identification only when needed in order to optimize security operations. 

Adaptable for novices and experts alike, Morpho provides basic training in the operation of its RIID. In addition, its train-the-trainer programs give organizations all the tools they need to onboard new staff in no time. 

SourceID™ will revolutionize the detection and identification of radiation