X-Ray Diffraction

Securing air transport with leading X-ray diffraction technology - Morpho is the world leader in explosives detection systems (EDS) built on X-ray Diffraction (XRD) technology. Our innovative systems enable automatic detection of explosives in passenger baggage and air cargo to strengthen and streamline security procedures.

Developing next-generation security checkpoints

Using X-ray technology to probe each area of the bag and analyze the molecular composition of bag contents, our XRD systems automatically detect multiple liquid explosive threats, homemade explosives, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in containers and bags. In this way, our XRD systems provide airports with the advanced detection methods they need to stop new threats and support their future growth.

In the future, our XDi™ system will combine sophisticated detection with low false alarm rates for faster screening of carry-on baggage at security checkpoints, helping airlines speed passengers to their departure gates and improving the overall travel experience.


Working to eliminate restrictions on transporting liquids

XDi™Our XDi™ screening system can offer airports a further means of streamlining passenger flows. By automatically detecting liquid explosive threats in containers and bags, this technology will make it possible for passengers to proceed through security checkpoints without having to remove liquids and/or laptops from their carry-on baggage.

This will enable global regulators to lift the current restrictions on transporting liquids, thereby increasing checkpoint throughput while guaranteeing the same high level of security.

Advanced screening of checked baggage and air cargo

x_ray_diffraction_copie.jpgXRD technology, combined with Computed Tomography (CT) imaging, provides our most advanced method for screening checked baggage. Significantly reducing the need for slow and costly manual bag inspection, our systems enable airports worldwide to boost efficiency while meeting new security challenges.

Offering reliable automatic explosives detection, XRD systems can complement and enhance cargo and break bulk screening procedures to stop advanced threats like the 2010 "printer bomber" plot.

A dedicated research and development center

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is currently one of the most effective explosives detection technologies.Morpho places innovation at the heart of its strategy. This commitment fuels our X-Ray Diffraction Center of Excellence based in Hamburg, Germany, where we work in partnership with research laboratories like the French CEA-LETI lab to develop new X-ray diffraction systems.

Among these, our Yxlon XES 3000 XRD system is the first non-CT technology to meet TSA standards for explosives detection since 1994, while our XRD 3500 is the world's first system to obtain ECAC approval for standard-3 EDS following EU regulation 185/2010.