Morpho solutions are used worldwide to tackle crime, protect identity and improve security.


Using “technological bricks” developed by its in-house Research and Development teams, or acquired via partnerships with market leaders, Morpho can now offer its government agency or private customers an extensive range of national-scale identification solutions.

  • Identity management
    One person = one identity = one ID document Morpho’s identification solutions allow delivery of forgery-proof, (...)> See more
  • Public Security
    We provide law enforcement with a wide range of products to support criminal investigation, background checks and (...)> See more
  • Border Control
    The use of biometrics for border control can reconcile two seemingly contradictory objectives: improve security and (...)> See more
  • Transport
    Morpho’s range of transport security products is the result of fifty years of experience in the fields of road and (...)> See more
  • Secure Biometric Access
    Morpho offers a unique multibiometric product portfolio with fingerprint, multimodal (combination of finger vein (...)> See more
  • Gaming and Betting
    With more than 240,000 units delivered or ordered to date, Morpho is a global player, widely acknowledged for its (...)> See more