Identity management

One person = one identity = one ID document
Morpho’s identification solutions allow delivery of forgery-proof, trusted national ID cards, resident cards and passports, under maximum security conditions.

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Unequivocal identification of individuals has become a major priority of governments and organizations delivering rights, subsidies, financial assistance or services to citizens. It involves four principles:

  • modernization of population registers,
  • reliability of the ID document issuance process,
  • incorporation of biometric data into ID documents,
  • and lastly, availability of high-performance equipment to check these ID documents.

Morpho offers the public and private sectors, complete or partial solutions enabling the build-up and management of population databases and delivers the associated ID credentials. Markets concerned are identity, elections, vehicle driving and health.

Healthcare cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, visas …, our solutions cover all aspects of your ID credential programs: from the acquisition of applicant data to the management of the document life cycle, based on a fully secure process.

Compliance with standards
All solutions developed by Morpho’s Research and Development teams comply with international standards, to guarantee our customers with full interoperability between their systems.

Identity management
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