Formerly L-1 Identity Solutions

Morpho is your trusted partner in Canada, offering citizens fast and accurate fingerprinting and background checks.


Morpho was one of the first agencies to be Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) certified for electronic fingerprint submission and is currently the largest accredited fingerprint services provider in Canada. We have over 18 years of fingerprint experience and have been fingerprinting Canadians since 1994. Morpho is the only vendor in Canada that provides the service and also manufactures its own FBI and CCRTIS certified electronic fingerprint capturing device and CCRTIS certified software.

Morpho typically employs former law enforcement personnel to provide professional and secure services, including mobile fingerprinting at client sites. Electronic fingerprint records are submitted directly to the RCMP from our locations electronically, so that citizens receive criminal history results in days instead of months. Thousands of agencies and businesses have taken advantage of our proven service methods and expertise to print more than 6 million people across North America. We are the fingerprinting experts, so you don’t have to be.

With Morpho You can be Assured:

- A fast and hassle-free experience at convenient locations
- The largest Canadian network of enrollment centers
- full service agency that can guide you through the fingerprint process for any non-criminal reason
- Polite, courteous call center personnel
- Flexible payment options
- Safe, clean facilities
- Certified technicians that handle fingerprinting sessions
- No messy ink or intimidating “booking” rooms
- Fast and secure process that takes less than 15 minutes

Formerly L-1 Identity Solutions
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