Bernard Didier, Executive Vice President of Morpho, and Bruno Maisonnier, founder of Aldebaran Robotics, win the Marius Lavet prize

01-22-2013 - On January 21, Bernard Didier, Executive Vice President of Morpho was awarded the Marius Lavet prize. A first-class honor for a first-class French engineer and inventor.

From left to right: Pierre Breesé, Chairman of Marius Lavet foundation , Xavier Fontanet, and Bernard Didier.

The 13th Marius Lavet prize-giving ceremony was hosted by Xavier Fontanet, ex-Chairman of the Essilor Group, at the Maison des Arts et Métiers in Paris. The award honors engineers and inventors with a proven track-record of innovation all throughout their career, backed by tangible industrial and economic success. As a career-long pioneer in biometrics, Bernard Didier is a worthy recipient.

Furthering biometrics
Bernard Didier is nothing if not a visionary. After creating Morpho Systèmes in the early 80s, he played a major part in securing the company’s status as world leader in biometric systems, and now serves as Morpho’s Executive Vice President. He grasped from the very beginning the very important role biometrics would play over the coming decades. And, according to Bernard Didier, this is just the beginning: "Biometrics is the only viable way to establish an unquestionable, irrefutable link between a person and a transaction. Biometrics has become a guarantee of ownership." Bernard also contributed to Morpho’s overseas success, particularly via the US subsidiary he decided to set up in in 1985, North American Morpho Systems, Inc., which went on to become a Morpho subsidiary called MorphoTrak Inc.