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Morpho places first in NIST 2014 MINEX fingerprint benchmark
19 November 2014
Paris, November 18, 2014 Morpho (Safran) announced today that its fingerprint matching technology placed first in the ongoing Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX) sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)*. Results published by NIST reveal that (...) | continue
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05-11-2014 Morpho selected by Slovakia for its national electronic identity card program
04-11-2014 Morpho Detection Awarded Frankfurt Airport Contract for Desktop Trace Detectors
04-11-2014 Morpho Detection Awarded Lufthansa Airlines Contract for Itemiser DX Trace Detectors
15-10-2014 Perfect Plastic Printing and Morpho strengthen their partnership in EMV card production
03-10-2014 Morpho selected by ADTC to build the National NFC infrastructure in Taiwan
01-10-2014 Morpho’s Itemiser DX Trace Detector Approved for Air Cargo Screening in Canada
17-09-2014 MorphoTrust and the State of North Carolina Lead Public-Private Partnership to Pilot First Secure Electronic ID
29-08-2014 Morpho acquires Dictao
26-08-2014 Morpho presents world’s fastest contactless fingerprint scanner at Global Identity Summit
21-08-2014 MorphoTrust Brings TSA Pre✓™ Enrollment to More Travelers
05-08-2014 MorphoTrust® E-CAT to Expedite Passenger Screening at All Major U.S. Airports
29-07-2014 MorphoTrust brings new conveniences to transportation workers for HAZMAT Endorsement Threat Assessment Program
24-06-2014 Morpho Upgrades Dutch ID Documents for Greater Security
24-06-2014 MorphoTrust Adds More TSA Pre✓™ Enrollment Centers at Airports on East Coast, in Midwest
17-06-2014 Growing Demand for Identity Services Brings More Jobs to Springfield, Ill
03-06-2014 Morpho’s Itemiser DX Surpasses 5,000 Units Shipped Worldwide
13-05-2014 Morpho Biometrics Excel in Harsh Environments
29-04-2014 Morpho Partners with IntegenX to Offer Rapid DNA Identification Technology
28-04-2014 MorphoAccess® SIGMA Named Best of Biometrics by SIA
28-04-2014 Morpho provides first commercial subscription management solution to Manx Telecom