Morpho Detection, Inc. owns many valuable trademarks worldwide that represent Morpho Detection, Inc. and its products and services.

EntryScan, Itemiser, StreetLab, MobileTrace, InVision, and the InVision Logo are registered trademarks and CTX 9800e, CTX9800 DSi, CTX 9400 DSi, CTX 9000 DSi, CTX 5500 DS, CTX 5800, CTX 2500, CTX 1000, VaporTracer, VaporTracer2, ShoeScanner, MUX, MUXv2, QM Portal, QR Portal, VTEX, XRD 3000, XRD 3500, XDi, HRX, HRX 500, HRX 550, HRX 600, HRX 700, HRX 750, HRX 1000, HRX 1000D, HRX 1000 DV, HRX 1500, HRX 1500 DV, HRX 1800, HRX Mobile, HRX Simulator, HRX Workstation, and ITMS are trademarks of Morpho Detection, Inc. The Morpho Detection Logo is a registered trademark of Safran Corporation.

The GE Monogram is a trademark of the General Electric Company and is under license to Morpho Detection, Inc.

To the extent a name or logo does not appear on this list above does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Morpho Detection, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates has established in any of its product, feature, or service names or logos.

When referring to Morpho Detection trademarks and the names of Morpho Detection products and services on packaging, promotional materials, advertising, Web sites, and other collateral, please contact your Morpho Detection representative or the Newark, CA office for more information.