e-Documents division

Morpho e-Documents as a Division of Morpho is a pioneer and a global leader in the field of Smart Cards and Documents.


The Morpho Division develops and implements cutting-edge technology to turn the vision of unbounded mobile communications and integrated digital security into a reality. The portfolio of the e-Documents Division includes hardware, software, consulting and services, all focused on Smart Cards for the benefit of consumers and providers in the telecommunications, health, identification and banking areas.

The Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) has proven to be the element of choice to secure communications and to strengthen the link between the operator and the end user in a world in which mobile communication is already shaping the future.

ID Documents
The unambiguous identification of persons has become a major priority for governments, business enterprises, suppliers of pensions and services, and citizens. We design Smart Card-based technology that meets identification requirements for all types of applications. We can address any identity market.

Morpho’s strategy is to offer banks and business partners a complete and innovative product portfolio for all types of financial and added-value chip card programs. Working closely with MasterCard and Visa, the company designs its products to help customers achieve market success by supporting global interoperability standards.

Identity & Access Management
Today information protection measures need to be strengthened. The ypsID range comprises Smart Cards, card readers (with or without biometry), and cryptographic tokens in USB format. By combining mobility, security and ergonomics, our products offer a unique user experience, allowing people to work in a protected digital environment in total confidence in all relationships between citizens and business partners.


This Division employs over 4,000 people around the world and runs cutting-edge production sites in Brazil, Columbia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru and Russia. Nine strategically located development centers produce a steady flow of innovations that change the world.

e-Documents division
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