Identification division

Morpho’s Identification Division provides end-to-end solutions for identity management, criminal justice, border control, transport, secure biometric access, and gaming and betting.


These include:

Identity Management
A comprehensive range of identification solutions from registration to ID document production and control (National ID cards, Electronic passports, Elections registry/cards, Healthcare and welfare cards, driver licenses).

Criminal Justice
Criminal identification products that use biometric data, including Morpho’s world-leading large-scale fingerprint identifications systems (AFIS), assist police forces from the crime scene to the courthouse.

Border Control
Our solutions include a range of products to read new biometric travel documents for immigration and/or border crossing purposes, such as passports, visas and boarding cards. They improve security while speeding up passenger throughput.
We offer integrated turnkey solutions for enrolment, background check, travel document production and personalization, and verification.

Transport security products help government agencies and operators secure the flow of people and goods over roads and railways, featuring the most advanced Doppler radar, image processing and data encryption, and automated number plate, make and model recognition.

Secure Biometric Access
These solutions span all levels of control challenges, from entry through a doorway to access to vast government agencies, using the world’s most advanced fingerprint recognition algorithms.

Gaming and Betting
Morpho offers an innovative and comprehensive range of lottery and gaming terminals, reliably designed using the latest technologies, such as secure payment, optics and wireless communications.