History Seeking at all costs to avoid the civil unrest that followed the contested December 2007 presidential elections, the Kenyan government decided to engage a number of reforms that aimed to ensure transparent, democratic elections and greater inclusion in the system of government. From (...) | continue
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03-12-2012 Mauritania: a single integrated system
30-06-2012 France: the biometric passport rolled out on time
21-10-2011 A Unique ID program in India
21-10-2011 New ID for Albania
03-01-2011 Morpho provides field tools to the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force
03-01-2011 Morpho provides Kent police with technology for anti-drug enforcement
11-05-2010 Gaming terminals: innovation, service and partnership in Quebec
26-04-2010 Gaming and betting: a customized terminal for Paris Mutuel Urbain (PMU)
26-04-2010 Biometrics: Morpho provides security for the Peruvian Congress
26-04-2010 Border crossings: Morpho has developed a biometric solution for Australia
26-04-2010 Identity management: a leading-edge device for the United Arab Emirates