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Didier Lamouche

Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) are joining forces to create a world leader in digital security & identification technologies with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, commute, travel and even vote safely in ways that are now possible in a connected world.

Last September, Safran announced that it had entered into exclusive negotiations with Advent International, the owner of Oberthur Technologies since 2011, to sell its identity and security activities and the transaction was finalized on 31st May 2017.

With a mix of complementary activities addressing the specific needs of five major industries (Financial services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT), OT-Morpho has an extensive global presence and a unique technological expertise (Biometrics, Authentication, Digital security, Data and video analytics).

With close to €3 billion in revenues, OT-Morpho employs more than 14,000 people worldwide, nearly 2,000 of whom work in the field of R&D.

"We are truly excited about combining OT and Morpho, two highly complementary leading companies. This merger will bring something completely new to the market, with trusted identities at the core of our solutions. As our physical and digital, civil and commercial lifestyles converge, OT-Morpho stands precisely at that crossroads to leverage the best in digital security and identity technologies, including biometrics, to offer customized solutions to its clients," declared Didier Lamouche, CEO of OT-Morpho.

Temporarily designated by the name "OT-Morpho", the company will unveil its new name in September of this year.





CSR, an integral part of our culture

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of Morpho's corporate culture.

Morpho designs high value-added, technically advanced yet remarkably easy-to-use products and services that contribute to the security of individuals, businesses and countries, while also addressing key social and environmental issues. As a leader in the security and digital identity market, Morpho is committed to meeting the expectations not only of our customers but of all stakeholders, including employees, business partners, shareholders and suppliers.

Our actions to promote CSR are assessed each year by EcoVadis. Since 2015, Morpho has been ranked as a Gold partner, putting us in the top 13% of companies evaluated for their CSR performance.



Three priorities set with our stakeholders


As recommended in the ISO 26000 standard, Morpho has produced a stakeholder communication matrix, interviewing employees, business partners, subcontractors and customers to ascertain their CSR expectations.


Internal stakeholders
Employees representatives
Civil society
Financial analysts
Ratings agencies
Business partners
Service providers
Public partners
National governments
Local authorities
Financial analysts
Ratings agencies
Trade associations


Three key areas of focus have emerged from this survey: anti-corruption, data protection and Green IT (using IT resources in a more efficient and environmentally responsible way). Morpho has listened to stakeholders and has incorporated their expectations into the key priorities of our CSR policy.


Ethical business conduct
Data protection
Environmental protection


Ethical business conduct

The fight against corruption

Morpho has set up a trade compliance organization, based on a network of trade compliance officers. They are supported by correspondents, tasked with ensuring the compliance of our partners in every country where we operate.
This robust organization also provides training for all employees, with hundreds of people trained every year.


Export control

As part of the Compliance team, export control is responsible for carrying out due diligence prior to any export of military or dual-use technologies, especially encryption technologies. Regular training is provided to raise employee awareness company-wide, spanning R&D, products, programs, supply chain and sales.


Responsible purchasing

Morpho is committed to equitable and sustainable relationships with suppliers and shares its CSR policy with them in the form of a Responsible Purchasing Code of Conduct. To meet our corporate CSR commitments to stakeholders, Morpho ensures that our suppliers adhere to the same principles and values. When it comes to selecting a supplier or service provider, compliance with these commitments is just as important as other considerations, such as cost, quality, on-time delivery, innovation and risk management.


Traceability – Conflict minerals

In August 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a ruling on the U.S. government's Dodd-Franck Wall Street Reform Act requiring American companies to report their use of conflict minerals that originate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country. Conflict materials include tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. To meet the levels of transparency required by American and European law, our Quality teams work closely with buyers to identify and duly report on the provenance of the metals contained in our products.

For more information about our policy on conflict mineral traceability, download this document or send an email to conflictmineralsatsafrangroup.com.


Data protection

As a leader in identity management and biometrics, we pay special attention to data protection and privacy.
To comply with new European regulations, taking effect in May 2018, Morpho is preparing to implement a set of measures that will include, for example, a constantly updated register of all data processed and a systematic Privacy Impact Assessment to identify and minimize the privacy risks of each new project.


Environmental protection

Environmental protection and energy efficiency are an integral part of our commitments.


Certification of our production plants

of our production plants
are ISO 14001 certified
are OHSAS 18001 certified
have programs in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
have measures in place to reduce and recycle waste
have programs in place to ensure efficient shipping of goods
organize production to reduce the use of consumables



To reduce the ecological footprint of our smartcards, Morpho now uses polylactic acid, derived from corn starch, to produce a biodegradable plastic.


Health, Safety, Environment


In France, Morpho has partnered with EcoLogic, certified by the French government as an eco-organization, for the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.


Carbon offsets

Morpho has partnered with Pur Projet, involved in reforestation and fair trade initiatives, to offer a carbon offset scheme for our customers. Under this scheme, trees are planted in Peru, for example, to help restore degraded soils and re-establish agriculture.


Green IT

Our data centers are optimally managed to reduce energy expenditures, through measures such as server virtualization, efficient configuration of workstations, secure, centralized printing to reduce paper consumption and using corporate social networks to free up the messaging system.


Social commitments

Morpho is committed to the safety of our employees and partners and the fair treatment of our suppliers.

  • Our main smartcard production facility in Noida, India, is SA8000 certified. This social accountability standard requires that companies protect their employees in line with the principles described in International Labor Organization conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • 60% of our production sites are OHSAS 18001 certified.
  • Each year, we invest in training (up to 4% of total payroll in France) to address the skills requirements of our businesses going forward.
  • We closely monitor our lost-time accident rate (the number of injuries entailing time off work vs. the number of hours worked). It is currently below 1.2.
  • Agreements are in place for senior employees to keep their knowledge and skills up to date, in line with technological advances and changing market demands.
  • Each year, we conduct a disabilities awareness campaign. Workstations are suitably adapted and managers are trained in the various aspects of hiring people with disabilities.





In line with legislation, Morpho deploys an inclusion policy to encourage the hiring of people with disabilities. Our proactive approach includes efforts aimed at facilitating access to jobs, maintaining employment for disabled employees, providing training, working actively with the 'protected employment' sector, and implementing communication and awareness campaigns.

Gender Equality

In line with our non-discrimination principles, Morpho embraces gender equality in the workplace. This commitment is reflected in measures that actively promote equal access to employment, training and professional development and equal pay.

Age Equality

As part of our employee engagement efforts, a specific recruitment policy and tailored induction program are implemented to attract and retain recent graduates. At the other end of the scale, Morpho also gives senior employees the option of adjusting their work schedules if their job allows, especially as part of end-of career planning or to ease the transition from employment to retirement, enabling them to transmit their knowledge. In addition, managers receive specific training in avoiding all forms of discrimination during the recruitment process.

Reaching out to underserved neighborhoods

Morpho welcomes job applications from people in underserved neighborhoods and actively supports initiatives to encourage youngsters from such areas to go into higher education.

Our Employees

Our employees

Skills development

Skills development throughout employee careers is a key engagement, as well as a performance and innovation driver, and is at the heart of Morpho's HR policy. Investing in professional training is crucially important, enabling the company to build solid foundations for the future and keep pace with market demands and the constantly evolving technologies involved. Each year, Morpho deploys a proactive training plan designed to strengthen the sector-specific skills of employees as well as develop management skills. This plan serves a dual objective, supporting employees in their jobs while also preparing them for the next stages in their careers. In 2016, Morpho delivered more than 120,000 hours* of training for employees around the world.



Anne Paris

Discussions between employees and their managers play an essential part in skills development. Individual interviews are the formal component in the process, providing the opportunity to pinpoint training requirements according to career goals and corporate objectives. This may involve developing specific skills or preparing employees to move on to the next stage in their career.


Anne Paris, Talent Manager, Human Resources Development, Morpho


*Excluding MorphoTrust USA


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