Biometric Recognition

Advanced biometric shape recognition - With over 40 years of biometrics expertise, this technology is at the heart of Morpho’s business. Providing robust security solutions for government identity, public security and business markets, biometric identification is used to secure access to confidential information, sensitive sites and increasingly, for secure online transactions such as purchases, money transfers and similar digital applications.

Pattern Recognition


The use of biometric data requires several steps and expertise in complementary disciplines. First images of finger and palm prints, faces and irises – or in the case of multi-biometrics, a combination of these – are acquired, and processed to render the data usable. Then feature extraction is used to create a template. Finally, these models are compared to the database using complex shape recognition algorithms that allow the identification or verification of an individual.
A leader in biometrics for 40 years, and  the world leader in the field of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS), Morpho continues to develop these technologies. For example, advances in matching algorithms and database architecture mean that Morpho systems can produce several million comparisons per second for identification and authentication applications.


The technology leader: confirmed by NIST

Morpho's algorithms are ranked first in evaluations conducted by the American NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX), Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test Ongoing (OMINEX), IV IREX (Iris Exchange) and Proprietary Fingerprint template (PFT II) for identity verification 1-1. 
In the most recent MINEX tests, Morpho ranked first in all 3 major categories:

  • For fingerprint matching accuracy, Morpho's results are 60% higher than the next closest vendor.
  • In template interoperability, Morpho's results are 10% higher than the next closest vendor
  • For matcher interoperability, Morpho's scored 44% better than the next closest vendor.


Rapid DNA Identification

DNA Identification - RapidHIT

For over four decades, Morpho has been a provider of criminal identification solutions to law enforcement and government agencies around the world. Drawing on its world leadership in biometrics, Morpho has partnered with IntegenX, a leader in rapid DNA identification, to deliver powerful solutions capable of accelerating investigations, particularly during the custody period. Using its global presence, Morpho markets and provides support services for the RapidHIT System - the first rapid DNA technology to use FBI-approved chemistry, enabling the upload of DNA profiles to the National DNA Index System (NDIS).

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