Biometric terminals add security to a variety of processes

Morpho biometric terminals – with wide-ranging applications like population registration, access control, secure payment and many more – are valued by public and private sector clients around the world. Our proprietary biometric algorithms and sensor technologies, combined with our design and manufacturing expertise, has made us the world number one in this market.

Biometric terminals are particularly adapted to controlling physical access and managing workforce time and attendance. Our range of products, encompassing fingerprint, multimodal vein & print, facial recognition and contactless technologies, is backed by a solid experience across industries. Morpho solutions can secure any kind of premises – from corporate buildings to critical infrastructures – in any environment.

Desktop biometric sensors are designed for multiple applications like population registration, customer acquisition, logical access control and secure payment solutions. Morpho OEM modules enable manufacturers to add biometric recognition to their applications (ATMs, PoS terminals, voting machines, etc.), rapidly and without specific biometrics knowledge.

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