Access Control terminals

Whatever the requirements – conventional or breakthrough biometric technologies, use of biometric recognition alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked installations, indoor or outdoor use – Morpho proposes the most reliable biometric solutions to protect access to a variety of premises, including:

  • Airport and seaport sensitive areas,
  • Government facilities,
  • Mines, power and petrochemical plants,
  • Banking and financial institutions,
  • Hospitals and laboratories,
  • Stadiums and entertainment facilities,
  • Corporate buildings,
  • Datacenters,
  • Prisons,
  • and much more..

Our innovative solutions are designed to be modular, and enable upgrades as system demand increases or as new technologies enter the market.

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Morpho 3D Face Reader

The Morpho 3D Face Reader™ provides lightning-speed, hands-free access to offices and restricted areas.

Morpho 3D Face Reader: Fast, Convenient, Secure 3D Facial Recognition

By analyzing the three-dimensional structure of the user's face, it achieves extremely accurate matching while ensuring high throughput.

With Morpho 3D Face Reader™, access control is highly secure and as simple as a quick glance!



  • The real-time 3D imaging technology enables sub-second matching


  • The embedded matching engine analyzes the structure of the face (using over 40,000 data points), thus improving accuracy compared with 2D technologies


  • Enhanced accuracy enables low False Acceptance Rate while maintaining high throughput and productivity
  • Conventional 2D facial images can't be used to duplicate a face and spoof the system


  • Accommodates a range of facial positions (angles, motion) and poor lighting conditions (night & day vision)
  • Companies can enhance the look of their corporate reception areas and secure access points with the terminal's sleek, stylish design


  • The use of invisible light makes the technology non-intrusive
  • Acquisition is hands-free and contactless, i.e. ideal for environments requiring gloves or where there are hygiene concerns


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