Access Control terminals

Whatever the requirements – conventional or breakthrough biometric technologies, use of biometric recognition alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked installations, indoor or outdoor use – Morpho proposes the most reliable biometric solutions to protect access to a variety of premises, including:

  • Airport and seaport sensitive areas,
  • Government facilities,
  • Mines, power and petrochemical plants,
  • Banking and financial institutions,
  • Hospitals and laboratories,
  • Stadiums and entertainment facilities,
  • Corporate buildings,
  • Datacenters,
  • Prisons,
  • and much more..

Our innovative solutions are designed to be modular, and enable upgrades as system demand increases or as new technologies enter the market.

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MorphoAccess® VP Series

The World First Access Control Terminals combining Finger Vein and Fingerprint Biometrics

MorphoAccess VP Series: Physical access control terminal


MorphoAccess VP seriesThe MorphoAccess® VP Series of terminals brings for the first time the benefits of finger vein/fingerprint multimodal technology to your physical access control systems, in any kind of environment.

Universal and easy-to-adapt: they are well suited to individuals who experience difficulties with mono-modal devices while offering the same simplicity and ease of use as for fingerprints alone.

Unrivalled accuracy: by reducing the possibility of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors, they ensure a high level of security without affecting comfort of use.

  • @FAR=10-4, FRR is 10 times lower than with the best of the 2 modalities.

Resistance to spoofing: this innovative technology combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each biometrics and also makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion.

They come in two models:

  • VP-Bio
    for one-to-many identification with a database of 5,000 users (2 templates each), upgradable to 10,000 users
  • VP-Dual
    for one-to many identification or one-to-one authentication by combining multimodal biometrics with MIFARE®/DESFire® contactless smartcard technologies.


Additional characteristics

  • Easy installation and connection: Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi option
  • Weatherproof: IP 65 rated (once wall mounted)
  • FBI PIV IQS certified


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