Desktop sensors

Morpho USB sensors are based on an unrivalled experience in the fields of electro-optics, forensic quality processing algorithms and anti-fraud expertise.

Their performances have been certified at the highest levels by internationally-recognized organisations (FBI, Indian STQC, BSI).

Our offer – which includes fingerprint, multimodal vein & print and contactless sensors – covers a wide range of applications:

- Population registration or customer acquisition

- Logical access control in various sectors:

  • Banking and finance: secure and swift access to core banking applications or trading stations in dealing rooms
  • Enterprise: biometric PC login and Single-Sign-On solutions (no more passwords)
  • Healthcare: access to medical records restricted to authorized staff

- Easy and secure payment:

  • Fast, convenient, cashless payment at checkouts in stores, supermarkets or cafeterias
  • E-commerce secure payment
  • Check cashing services, pension/benefit payments after ID verification or identification.
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BTO 500

FAP 30 Certified Fingerprint Reader

BTO 500: Fap 30 certified fingerprint reader


BTO 500The BioTouch® 500 (BTO 500) is a standalone plug-and-play peripheral fingerprint reader that produces a consistent quality image for secure access to network and desktop applications. It complies with the most demanding standards for single fingerprint capture: FAP 30, FBI PIV IQS and USB 2.0.

Features at a Glance

  • Image quality FBI PIV IQS certified
  • Large imaging area (0.8" x 1.0")
  • Compact and light package
  • USB 2.0 standard interface



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