Mobile terminals

Morpho mobile readers provide additional control as required at a facility entrance gate and within a facility's premises (e.g. check staff identity within an airport secure areas).

They are particularly useful in any infrastructure not equipped with automated controls.

Our devices can also be used to take the time clock to the workforce, for instance on a company shuttle bus.

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MorphoIDent™ is the most advanced handheld fingerprint device enabling real-time identification based on Morpho's world-class biometric technology.

MorphoIDent: Real-Time handheld identification

Compact, easy to use and accurate, MorphoIDent™ works as an extension of traditional biometric access control systems.

  • Design: Light, sleek and palm sized
  • Accuracy: FBI PIV IQS optical scanner
  • Reliability: Robust and fully certified
  • Usability: Vibration alert, color screen clearly visible outdoors
  • Flexibility: On-device or remote matching
  • Field proven: Thousands of devices already in the field.
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