Added value services and expertise for delivery of Civil ID solutions


Morpho offers a variety of services, ranging from project management, maintenance and outsourcing of operations.

Our services ensure the satisfactory delivery and integration of the solution as well as its efficient management across the life cycle.

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Services to guarantee success of an identity program

Morpho provides a comprehensive package of services, enabling customers to fully leverage the success of an identity program throughout its entire duration.

These services range from system integration, facility preparation , process re-engineering to overall project management and monitoring of the system efficiency.

A wide range of services based on our expertise in identity programs

System integration
An ID management solution requires the seamless integration of various modules: IT sub-systems must interface each other properly and ensure a reliable link with the ID documents. To do so, our team ensures full project execution to deliver turnkey programs to our customers, including: coordination between the various stakeholders (customer, partners...) to deliver on-time quality solutions.

Facility preparation
Very often, the project includes facility preparation for the central site of the system or for the production site. Our experts can either handle this on behalf of the customer - as we did for example in Albania where Morpho fully rehabilitated a building into an ISO 27001 compliant production facility - or offer consulting services to advise our customers on the necessary requirements and adjustments to ensure right level of security of the building as well as proper flow of production.


For continued efficiency throughout the project life cycle

Maintenance includes the standard services to ensure operational efficiency of the system. We are able to tailor this service to meet specific customer needs, according to the level of service required: bronze, silver, gold. We can also offer remote support for system administration or trouble shooting to enhance service availability. And thanks to our international footprint, we can also provide on-site support engineers to maintain, administrate or operate the systems on behalf of the customer.

Continous improvement
Throughout the service of the system, Morpho can also provide customers with a range of added value services to accommodate evolutions and introduce incremental improvements in the program to cope with demand increase, turnover in staff, change in organization or simply aging material. Our services can be as simple as a technology upgrade, a system monitoring or health check or training updates to enable operators to best use the system over time. We can also help  customers with more in depth analysis in terms of re-engineering their business processes. Using proven methodology such as Lean Sigma, we can support our customers in detailing their processes and implementation of Lean concepts to increase efficiency in their organization and system.

Full service mode
Through its unique end-to-end expertise in ID management, Morpho is also able to provide governments with a full service offer.

Customers simply provide their requirements in terms of level of service, such as the quantity of documents per day and the time to deliver the documents to the citizens. We take care of everything else.

This option enables customers to avoid excessive capital investment and fully delegate the headaches of project management to Morpho. We invest in building the appropriate system and production facility, as well as ensure the logistics to deliver services close to the citizens. Our operators are then in charge of registering and processing  applications, producing the documents and final delivery. In this model, governments benefit from a full service: not only from the outsourcing of the operations (registration and production) but also from Morpho's upfront investment to build the system and the production site.

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