Mastering the electronic ID chain for secure and efficient e-services

eServices and ID Usage for government

Population registers based on print records are unreliable and not readily accessible to different civil administrations. As a result, fraudulent use of records is a constant threat.

Today, the technologies exist to develop trusted e-ID services that can be adopted wholeheartedly by citizens, civil administrations and the financial and commercial sectors.

Morpho has expert knowledge of all the technologies in the electronic ID chain necessary to establish the trust digital players need to use and develop e-services: trust in their contact's identity, trust in the reliability of transactions and contracts, trust in the quality and protection of data and proof over the long term.

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Electronic Services solutions for the 21st century

Morpho has drawn on its extensive experience and unmatched expertise in identity management and trust services to develop its eTrusted Identity Services. They constitute a platform designed to deliver convenient and trusted online services for both the public and private sectors.

eServices: data privacy, security and reliability

Governments today must offer their citizens secure and reliable online services. Businesses too, seek to provide their increasingly mobile customers with secure online services that are convenient and trustworthy. Data privacy, security and reliability is of paramount importance in both cases.

With this in mind, Morpho has designed a solution that meets these needs by securing the entire electronic ID chain: biometric and personal data collectionissuance of secure e-ID documents, registration, authentication, secure digital transactions (digital signature and proof management) and secure data for the long term (digital vault). 

The platform allows governments and businesses to offer citizens and customers fast and secure e-services: obtaining permits and licenses, filing taxes accessing healthcare,obtaining property rights, social services, online contracting, confirming secure transaction and sensitive operations (payment, financial operations, judicial acts, administrative rulings…)

On top of this, our unrivalled experience in identity management and trust services (authentication, digital signature, proof management, secure archiving) give us the comprehensive skill set necessary to design secure and efficient e-ID services.

Morpho put its expertise to work in Albania, partnering with the country to form the joint venture Aleat, with the aim of developing a pioneering e-ID project and modernizing the country's public administration.

As of May 2015, it had delivered 3.4 million e-ID cards and 2.9 million biometric passports to Albanian citizens and was set to start deploying its eAleat Identity Services platform to provide convenient, seamless and secure e-services

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