Population and voter registration: creating and managing reliable IDs in a changing world

Biometric population registration

Population registration is the cornerstone of identity management programs. In today's world, collecting high-quality data, establishing trusted identities and managing them in an ID repository are the three pillars vital for all governments undertaking population and voter registration.

To achieve this, the use of trusted biometrics is essential. They ensure a reliable and secure registry by guaranteeing each citizen's uniqueness and providing authorities with the means to verify an individual's identity. And because a valid civil registry is necessary to carrying out democratic elections, producing foolproof ID documents, and managing healthcare or other social welfare schemes, governements around the world look to our proven expertise in the field.

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Unmatched biometric expertise for mobile and fixed registration solutions

Morpho partners with governments at every step of the registration process, providing all – or just one or two - aspects of a fully integrated, end-to-end, secure identity management program:

  • Project definition – consulting and project financing, with tailor-made business models (e.g. Pub-lic Private Partnerships)
  • Deployment and operation – solution design, installation setup and operator training
  • In-service support – hotlines, solution monitoring and auditing, system recovery and backup certification.
Guarantee the most reliable, secure and robust population and voter registries

The use of biometrics is the single most effective contribution to reliable population registry. It guarantees the uniqueness and viability of an individual's identity.

Morpho's population registration solutions make use of the three main biometricsfingerprint, face and iris – chosen according to cultural, budgetary or security constraints.

Our technological know-how underpins tried and trusted solutions in population and voter registration.

We draw on our biometric expertise and our experience in identity management to develop solutions that meet the needs of countries with widely differing circumstances. One size does not fit all in identity programs, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions for population identity management.

Our fast registration solutions can entail either mobile or fixed registration, or a combination of the two. Our mobile solutions involve the use of tablets and other portable devices for registration campaigns with tight deadlines in countries with low urbanization rates.

On the other hand, our fixed solutions use office-based registration stations and self-service kiosks for high registration capacities.

Morpho demonstrated its ability to deliver on a tight deadline in a high-pressure national project in Kenya. It helped the country establish and maintain an accurate and secure voter registry of 14.3 million voters in a mere 30 days for its 2013 election.

Similarly, we supported Egypt in its electoral process in 2014 by providing 2,300 MorphoTablet™ devices to verify six million citizens' voting rights.

Côte d'Ivoire also benefitted from Morpho's leading-edge biometric technology to carry out mass population registration, create a national registry and issue 11 million national ID cards and nine million voter cards.

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