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Civil Identity - Travel Document

Air traveler volumes are set to rise from 5 billion today to 7 billion by 2030. This presents border authorities around the world with the challenge of guaranteeing fast traveler flow in and out of their countries while ensuring the highest border security.

With this in mind,Morpho has developed the next generation of biometric epassports. They are highly interoperable with document readers, making them easily and quickly verifiable by border control representatives.

All of Morpho's passport solutions are fully modular, with a variety of advanced security features available to meet the specific needs of individual governments worldwide.

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The next generation of ePassports: smooth traveler flow at busy borders

Morpho is the only company in the world that has the necessary in-house technologies to help governments establish an end-to-end passport solution that can:

  • Issue trusted identities
  • Embed and integrate them into secure travel documents and systems
  • Enable secure use of their ID documents

With a full range of services, we can offer either a turnkey identity management solution or deliver any part of the project, including registration, background checks, document personalization and management plus usage and verification.

An unparalleled expertise in secure travel documents

How can governments guarantee high security while reducing long traveler wait times? How can airports maintain the smooth flow of passengers when they have to verify documents from all around the world? The answer lies in Morpho's ePassport solutions. Interoperable and secure, they represent our expertise in the production of passports, from the design and production to secure delivery.

Calling on Morpho's first pillar of civil identity management – a secure and reliable database – we then create third-generation travel documents, known as ePassports. Our expertise in developing the advanced digital and physical features needed for this new generation of passports has made us an ideal partner for governments worldwide.

By working closely with government anti-fraud agencies, Morpho is continuously developing new security features that will prevent fraud and facilitate inspection at borders. Features like embedding electronic components in a tamper-proof polycarbonate data page, bound into the passport booklet with a patented binding technology. We have also developed such optical security features as Stereo Laser Image (SLI®), a small 3-D portrait that can be easily compared to the primary photo to detect attempts to change it.

The highly efficient operating system enables Morpho's IDeal Pass™ document to be read within 3 seconds. This industry-leading performance will be a major contribution to smoother and faster border crossing.

We offer great flexibility in its products and services. For example, we can offer either a polycarbonate or eCover passport, with or without full personalization. It is the customer's choice. The customer is free to mix and match the most appropriate and cost-effective products, options and services.

We also offer cooperative ventures where we support national printing houses with our expertise and technology. The printing houses can choose IDeal Pass™ components such as inlays, eCover or the binding, including the possibility for a technology transfer.

When it comes to establishing contracts, Morpho can offer flexible project financing options: contract supply, turnkey, lease, concessions and private ownership. We frequently recommend the BOOT model – a 3-step program to Build, Own & Operate, then Transfer the system:

  • We invest, manage and operate the system
  • Customer and/or citizen pays by document issued
  • We hand back the system to the customer at the end of the contract period

The Chilean government chose Morpho and its BOOT financing model to provide latest-generation ID management for the national ID card and ePassport issuance. Under the contract, we will provide Chile with secure multi-biometric citizen registration and efficient ID production over 10 years, with output estimated at 25 million ID cards and 4 million passports.

Morpho's know-how and experience have helped Chile to become the first country in South America to be part of the US Government Visa Waiver program.

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