Secure and convenient ID solutions for governments and citizens that cover the entire Civil Identity lifecycle

The NINA card

With identity fraud on the rise in the increasingly mobile and globalized world of the 21st century, governments must effectively protect and manage their citizens' identities, issuing reliable proof of identity so citizens can safely access services both online and off.

Morpho's national ID solutions offer governments a complete end-to-end approach that rests on the 3 pillards of reliable identification. From registration in a secure database, to issuing advanced IDs (documents and digital identities), to enabling their usage for online services, we cover the entire lifecycle for identity management.

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Managing the complete identity value chain for governments

Morpho is the world leader in secure ID management solutions for governments. Our expertise lies in securing identities and protecting personal data throughout the entire ID lifecycle.

The ID lifecycle

The Identity lifecycle rests on 3 key aspects:


  1. Creating secure identities
    Whether for physical or digital identity creation, governments today require robust and easy-to-use registration solutions to establish  their citizens' identities. Our biometric technology achieve this by quickly capturing and verifying applicants' identities using fixed and mobile devices and user-friendly software. With Morpho's internationally-recognized biometric algorithms, background checks and other verification take just a few seconds.
  2. Managing identities
    Once identities have been registered and verified, they need to be effectively managed. Our secure and scalable ID repositories protect an individual's privacy. Beyond traditional functions (create, revoke, update an identity), our solution has advanced features (e.g. alphanumeric search engines) to offer more efficient tools for the management of a nation's population.  
  3. Issuing reliable proof of identities
    ID documents must be secure and compliant with official standards. Employing  innovative security features, we offer complete IDs or individual components (e.g. chips, polycarbonate passport pages) in a modular offer to meet the varying needs of its clients.


Depending on requirements, Morpho IDs can be graphically and/or electronically personalized, guaranteeing document authenticity and uniqueness.

When it comes to ID documents, in the globalized world of the 21st century they must be absolutely secure and tamper-proof. We achieve this through advanced security features, such as our patented Stereo Laser Image (SLI®) photos. This small 3D portrait uses advanced optical lens features to thwart falsification. We combine SLI with national symbology to create high-value ID documents suitable for representing national governments.

And once the IDs have been issued, governments can provide their citizens convenient access to travel and a wide range of online services via our trust framework eTrusted Identity Services (eTIS) platform. From ID to eID, eTrusted Identity Services now allows citizens to securely access services online using various authentication factors (biometric fingerprints) or devices (smartphones). And as we shift to a more mobile and digital society, providing efficient access to citizens while protecting their identity will make all the difference.

Our ID solutions are based on over 15 years proven field experience in large-scale projects, which often have short delivery times. Some of the countries we have developed national ID solutions for are Chile, Colombia, the Netherlands, the UAE and Ireland, to name but a few.

In addition to this, we supply driver license solutions to several US states and Canadian provinces and has developed healthcare cards for France, Germany and India. Lastly, we have carried out national population and voter registration campaigns in Kenya (over 14 million citizens  registered), Mali and India, the largest biometric registration system of all time, with more than 800 million unique identities issued to date.

Morpho is the only company in the world that can provide all the necessary secure documents, systems, terminals and integration services for identity management. We cover the complete civil identity value chain with the most reliable processes and technologies.

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