Secure and modular healthcare identification solutions

Healthcare and benefits

Demographics are rapidly changing in both developed and developing countries. As a result, the number of people in need of medical care is set to continue to increase in the foreseeable future.

To cope with these changes, governments and healthcare professionals require secure and traceable information. Citizens, for their part, are reluctant to deal with the administrative aspects of their healthcare; their primary concern is to obtain care in a convenient and secure way.

With 20 years of experience in the healthcare market, Morpho​ provides authorities with innovative healthcare identification solutions that use biometric technology to authenticate users' identities and professionals' accreditation.  

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Advanced solutions for trusted healthcare identities

Morpho is a pioneer and leader in identity management and is also fully committed to enable governments to meet privacy stakes raised by healthcare management.

30 years of experience in the smart card industry

Moreover, it has more than 30 years of experience in the smart card industry, allowing it to supply both professionals and patients with the best possible healthcare ID solutions.

Privacy and quality of service are paramount when it comes to healthcare. Both depend on access to medical data. The patient's identity and the professional's accreditation must be securely verified.

The risk is fraud, which can worsen healthcare and drive up budgets. Secure healthcare cards based on trusted identities can counter this risk and allow information to be exchanged freely. In this way, all stakeholders, from government and insurance companies to hospitals, health professionals and patients, benefit from quality healthcare.

Morpho has extensive experience in developing and delivering solutions that balance security and convenience for healthcare professionals, governments and citizens.

Our solution is based on a fully modular approach. First, an individual's identity is registered and verified in a matter of seconds thanks to our world-class biometric technology. A smartphone application for self-registration is also available.

Next, smart cards with the latest biometric technologies are issued, providing a secure and durable means of identification. They can then be personalized.

Morpho's Card Management System (CMS) enables both patients and professionals to update the information stored on the card as well as report lost or stolen cards.

Germany called on our know-how and experience to help it modernize its healthcare system and institute its e-health card (eGK). In total, more than 33 million eGKs were issued in the largest IT project in Europe.

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