Unrivalled biometric technology for ultra-secure driver’s licenses

Unrivalled biometric technology for ultra-secure driver’s licenses.

Driver's licenses are both a means of ensuring road safety and proving identity. Governments today are committed to providing their citizens and residents with secure and advanced driver's licenses. These must improve safety and adapt to new needs for digital identity management.

We have designed a scalable end-to-end solution based on the three pillars of civil identification:

Registration: Morpho's biometric technology secures the holder's identity.

Issuance: cards are produced with personalized modes and security features, then delivered with secure logistics.

Management and usage: built around a comprehensive software suite, the solution enables government agencies to effectively manage driver's license programs.

And with mobile verification terminals, law enforcement and other agencies are able to quickly verify identities in the field.

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Fully scalable solutions for driver’s license programs around the world

While a variety of biometrics can be used for identity documents, we believe facial recognition is the most adapted to driver's licenses as photos can easily be verified by law enforcement representatives. Morpho's biometric matching algorithms, among the most accurate in the world, underpin the facial recognition that secure driver's identities from fraud:

  • We can authenticate a person's identity (avoiding identity theft).
  • We can identify the person, checking they exist only once in database (preventing fraudsters from having multiple driver's licenses).
An innovative driver’s license solution

Morpho has developed an innovative driver's license solution that draws on its cutting-edge face-recognition biometric technology and advanced security features to help governments and road traffic authorities improve road safety and fight identity fraud.

The solution is fully scalable and can be tailored to the customer's specific needs. As an end-to-end solution, it covers pre-registration, registration, test management, issuance, e-government applications and license verification in the field.

With identity fraud on the rise, Morpho works hard to ensure the security at every step of the driver's license solution. For example, in addition to biometric technology, we provide customers with an ultra-secure credential: Ideal Drive™. It can be used with the largest cryptographic keys, enabling safe identification, online authentication and electronic signatures. And it is available as electronic cards for car registration and tachographs in addition to driver's licenses.

This security is complemented by the sophisticated laser-engraved 3D Photo ID™, which is extremely difficult to counterfeit and acts as a first line of security that can be easily validated by a simple glance.

Beyond the security provided by the credential, Morpho's modular driver's license solution is built around MorphoCivis™, a secure IT platform that allows government agencies to centrally manage driver's license programs.

Morpho produces over 70 million driver's licenses every year for 42 US states. It is set to break new ground this year in Iowa with the launch of a digital license that will take the form of a smartphone application. It has also supplied highly secure driver's licenses to India, Tunisia, the Netherlands, to name a few, and digital tachograph cards to Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK as well as many other governments around the world.

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