Morpho offers a full range of solutions and products to improve the customer registration experience. Morpho's biometric solutions enable a secure, simple and ergonomic registration.

Customer registration is the cornerstone of identity management. Collecting high quality data and establishing trusted identities are absolutely vital steps towards the success of any identity management project. And the use of biometrics is the single most effective contribution to building a reliable customer database.

Morpho's products and solutions support organizations such as banks, financial institutions or mobile network operators in verifying the identity of their customers. Thanks to biometrics, our customers are able to provide access to sensitive resources or services, prevent identity theft and fraud, and comply with regulatory requirements.

We provide state-of-the-art solutions to capture the end user biometric data at the time of registration. Data capture can be undertaken in the branch and retail store, or directly from a smartphone; later, when identity verification is needed to, for example confirm a transaction, the smartphone can be used to confirm their identity.

With our technology, combined with our extensive knowledge and expertise, organizations can guarantee the uniqueness and thus the assurance, that a person's electronic identity can be trusted.

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